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- Search box does not appear when in advanced search view

- Differences in the databases? Check for instance logging.

- Ckeditor doesn't work in safari for ipad.

- The volume Kæmpehøien doesn't work as inserted from the meta-list view.

- Search-bug. Når treff i ikke-oppløst sandhi og i oppløst sandhi vises ikke treffet i

  ikke-oppløst-versjonen og det markeres ikke gult i det som vises.

- Some of the browsers, e.g IE and chrome interprets the div kilderef differently. (It works in both browsers though)

- There are variations in bannerlength in safari on ipad. Might be som discrepancies in the css.

- Difference in the signature when entering ...polyglotta/index.php as opposed to polyglotta.

- Advanced search view places under the left-menu, when on a small screen.

- Clicking anywhere to close popupdivs doesn't work on ipad with safari.

- The search-engine seems to have problems finding some greek letters. Ex: Σώκρατες·

- settingsmenyene kan ikke åpnes før siden(DOM-objektet) er ferdiglastet. Må lete litt i javascript for å finne løsning.

- In fulltext, when 'no english' is removed, and just one text variant is chosen, there can be large areas of white where  

  there's no text. ex. Mahāvyutpatti. This looks a bit odd when there's just one text chosen.

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