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Created: 18.08.2011.

- Fixed javascript bug.

- Fixed bug in image_admin. Added $_post variable to counter fix in form action. 30.08.2011.

- Fixed bug in image_admin. Corrected form action. 30.08.2011.

- Default is now pictures on. 29.08.2011.

- Fixed bug in choose_IA. Had to alter style there as well. 29.08.2011

- Split the show options menu in two. Languages and other stuff. Changed the visual a bit and split the set_cookie-file in two. 29.08.2011.

- Delete all images- function implemented in image_admin. 29.08.2011.

- Image admin rewritten to speed up picture handling. 29.08.2011.

-Bug in setupEditor for ckeditor fixed. The syntax for posting type was wrong. 25.08.2011.

-Altered the sentence by sentence style to not display what's inside div class= nsbs. 25.08.2011

- Started clean-up of css in admin and general view. The views should look the same. So far fixed the div_class and view of the abbreviation-list. Now also fixed differences in the bibliography-php files in the different views. 25.08.2011

- Removed person link in the person-view. It only linked to itself, and the menu-context was lost by clicking it. 25.08.2011

- Created delete-function for volume to fix the problem of readmitting the original variant of the volume. The original variant of the volume, and all the translations, must be deleted before the original text with the other language variants can be imported anew. 18.08.2011.

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