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Engelsk Norsk Begrep Kilde
adhesive lim? material that joins surfaces together by adhesive forces, e.g., starch, gums, proteins, rubber, shellac or synthetics AIC Conservation Wiki


albumen albumen White of an egg, proteinaceous fluid Merriam-Webster Dictionary
binder bindmiddel egg, oil, gum, water, etc – any material that binds pigment together to make paint
bole Rødleire me lim for forgyldning
burnisher Redskap for polering av bladgull
canvas lerret
casein casein
chalk kritt Calcium carbonate, CaCO₃. A soft white, gray, or buff limestone composed chiefly of the shells of foraminifers. (Not to be confused with gesso.) PubChem https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/calcium_carbonate