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Are you a new lab user? Then you have to follow a three-step process to use the lab: 1 Project application and user agreement, 2. Introduction and training, 3. Booking of rooms.

Are you an experienced lab user starting a new project? Then you still need to fill in a new project application and sign a user agreement, and potentially get additional training with technical equipment or software in consultation with the Project Manager.

1. Project application and user agreement

Access to the lab is restricted to members of authorized projects. All projects need to adhere to the following Project Guidelines - please read them carefully before getting started with a project application. For submitting a project application, fill in the following Nettskjema. The form will serve as the basis of a user agreement that is jointly signed by the Lab Manager/Lab Director and the project manager. The agreement is archived in the lab and a digital copy is sent to the project manager.

2. Introduction and training

The lab user/project manager needs to book a meeting with the Lab Manager to discuss technical, methodological and ethical issues and any potential costs. This is especially critical if grant and other funding applications make reference to the lab. At the meeting with the lab manager, you will get a tour of the lab, get familiarized with the lab’s routines, guidelines and code of conduct, and learn how to handle the lab equipment you are interested in. To get an overview of the lab's equipment, see Rooms and equipment. After successful training, you will get permission to book lab rooms, use the lab equipment you have been trained in, and get granted access to the lab facilities using your student, employee or guest card.

3. Booking of rooms

The three testing rooms of the lab (Video studio, Eye-tracking room, EEG room) can be booked via the Outlook calendar system of the University of Oslo. You can find more information on booking here: Booking rooms.

Important guidelines for lab users

Code of Conduct

Project Guidelines

Data Management


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