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General information

The EEG room has 1 camera and 1 ceiling microphone installed. You can find more information on how to make recordings, on the page Control room (Audio-video system) and in the Handbook for the audio-video system.

Information on how to book lab rooms is available at the page Booking rooms.

EEG system

The EEG room is equipped with a 128-channel EEG system from BrainProducts. It uses actiCHamp, a modular, extensible amplifier system, combined with actiCAP active electrodes. It possesses eight auxiliary inputs for recording signals via sensors, for example GSR, breathing or pulse. For more information, check the ActiCHamp operating instructions.

The files delivered with the system can be found here

Visiting address

The EEG room is located in room 115 ("Pink room") of the lab.

Socio-Cognitive Laboratory

Room 115 ("Pink room")

Henrik Wergelands hus

Niels Henrik Abels vei 36

0313 OSLO

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