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Eye-tracking room
The eye-tracking room

General information

The eye-tracking room has 1 camera and 1 ceiling microphone installed. You can find more information on how to make recordings, on the page Control room (Audio-video system) and in the Handbook for the audio-video system.

Information on how to book lab rooms is available at the page Booking rooms.

The lab has currently 2 eye-trackers: an SMI RED 250 mobile and an Eyelink 1000Plus.

SMI RED 250 mobile

The SMI RED 250 mobile has a sampling rate of 250Hz and allows for remote binocular tracking of participants. It is portable and can be used for testing both within and outside of the lab. The lab has licenses for the SMI software Experiment Builder and BeGaze.

You can find more information on how to use the SMI RED 250 mobile's hardware and software in the user manuals:

SMI RED250mobile System User Guide

Experiment Center Manual

BeGaze Manual

SMI Video Tutorials

Eyelink 1000Plus

The Eyelink 1000Plus has a sampling rate of up to 2000Hz in a head-stabilized mode and up to 1000Hz in a remote tracking mode. The Eyelink can be connected to our EEG system from BrainProducts. We have 2 licenses for the SR Research Experiment Builder and Data Viewer software.

EyeLink 1000 Plus User Manual

ExperimentBuilder User Manual

DataViewer User Manual

Introduction and training

If you would like to use the lab's eye-tracker for the first time, get in touch with the lab manager (Contact). You will then make an appointment for a one-on-one visit where you will get a tour of the lab, get familiarized with the lab’s routines and code of conduct, and learn how to use the eye-tracking hardware and software. After successful training, you will get permission to book the eye-tracking room and use the eye-tracker independently for your research.

For specific questions about the eye-tracker and technical difficulties first consult the manuals, and if that does not solve it, get in touch with the lab manager or lab engineers.

Visiting address

The eye-tracking systems are located in room 116 ("Green room") of the lab.

Socio-Cognitive Laboratory

Room 116 ("Green room")

Henrik Wergelands hus

Niels Henrik Abels vei 36

0313 OSLO

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