File Server for Non-TSD projects

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For project that doesn't require that all data files are stored in TSD, the lab has a file server:

  • \\lf-hf\\prosjekter\sociocognitivelab (for Windows)
  • smb://lf-hf/prosjekter/sociocognitivelab (for macOS)

To be able to access the server your user account needs to be member of the following group: hf-iln-sclab

Please contact lab-support for assistance.

Quick How-To for WindowsMounting-the-sociocognitivelab-share.png

  1. Go to the Explorer app
  2. Choose the Ribbon called Computer
  3. Choose Add a network location
  4. In the window Add Network Location, add \\lh-hf\prosjekter\sociocognitivelab
  5. Give the network location a name. It is recommended that you accept the default name suggestion sociocognitivelab.
  6. Click Finish and the network share will open.

Technical information

The file server has the following spreads added: AD_group NIS_fg@uio

Moderator group(s): hf-brukeradm