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The lab has a Github area where projects can make repositories for their code on

While the landing page should be readable for "everyone" with a university computer account, each repository can have their own access levels. To access the main page you need to log on once using the link hf-multiling-lab. You will then have rudimentary access to some of the repositories and can browse them and download them, but not change them. Each user will then have to contact the lab management and ask to be granted access.


Each experiment has its own repository. Access could the be granted to the project as a whole or on a per experiment basis. There are two ways to grant people access, namely giving access to the user on an individual basis or by adding the user to a github team. The lab management can create a team for a project group and afterwards the group can add (or revoke) members as need be. By adding a members to a team you can have a method to consistently granting people the correct access level.

Public Experiments

The repository is also meant to be a showcase for templates or code that should be available. When creating an experiment, please consider if you can create the experiment first in a generalized manner that can be such a showcase and hiding the specialized experiment.

Private Experiments

Remember that even if an experiment is considered private and requires membership to read, the Github is still not considered suitable storage for sensitive data. Do not include logs or personal information in the repository.