Managing datasets

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All sensitive data must be stored on TSD.

Login to TSD

A user manual describing how you can log in to TSD.

Import datasets to TSD

A user manual recommending a client for uploading data to TSD and how to configure it.

File servers for non-sensitive data

The hf-depot file server is intended to provide research projects with disk storage and group-level access to datasets that are recorded in the lab.

We have bought 20 licenses of Mountain Duck for Windows and macOS.

Connect to the humlab server through the following steps:

Wired network

All wired network connections within University of Oslo should work.

Wireless network and from outside UiO

  • If you use a wireless connection, you need to connect to the eduroam wireless network. Outside the university, you need to start a VPN client to connect.
  • Connect with your <project id>. On Windows, you can click on the Start menu, and enter \\\<project id>$ in the search bar. On Mac OS X, you can use the Finder menu called Go, and select Connect to server. A search bar will appear where you enter smb://<project id>$. Dont forget to add the $-sign after your project id.
  • When you connect to the file server, you will be prompted to enter your LUCAT credentials. On Windows, you need to prefix you username. Thus if your LUCAT username is <lucat id>, you would enter UW\<lucat id> as your username. If your computer has been added to the university domain, you might not need any authentication.