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SE-AMA - 2017

This is the wiki for our project, the Sharing Editor, for the course INF5750 - Open Source Development.

Name SE-AMA explained:

  • SE - Sharing Editor
  • AMA - Alexander, Magnus, Andrei

Group members

  • Alexander Wandrup (alexanow)
  • Andrei Eismont (andreiei)
  • Magnus Biong Nordin (magnubn)

Project Description

Summary of Requirements

Features and Architecture

Technologies used, design etc

How We Divide The Tasks


1. november

  • Wiki up and running
  • Chosen assignment
  • Overview of the product to be developed
  • Proposed architecture of the app
  • Broad timeline for development (in form of milestones)
  • Link to project repository

8. november

  • The app's interface up and running

15. november

  • TODO

22. november

  • TODO

29. november

  • Completed and delivered


... Will come, following the 1.nov milestone

Application Flow/Screenshots

Suggested Improvements

Documented Learning During Project

Link to Repository


The repository is private.