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Start with sending a mail to saying you want access to the Origin-folder on P.

When you get a reply that you now have access, go to P:\lisens\Origin\ and run the setup file.
The serial-key is in the text-file next to the setup.
Follow the on-screen instructions for installation until the program is installed.

You will need to start the program in administrator-mode(right-click the program and choose “Run as Administrator”).
When the program starts up it will show a screen for adding a license-file.
Choose the alternative “I have internet access”.
The webpage appearing will have a login screen. Try to log in using your uio-account.

If this does not work, try the “Forgot my Password” and enter your uio-email to see if you already have an account, but have forgotten the password.
If you still can’t get access, then create a new user.
When you enter the webpage it will give you a text that you can copy and paste into the software to activate the license.

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