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The Oslo Center for Biostatistics and Epidemiology (OCBE) holds a one-day introductory course to SPSS.

The daily course will give an introduction to the basic use of SPSS with a focus on the technical challenges. The course provides an introduction to basic data manipulation, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing and regression in SPSS. It is not intended as an introductory course in statistics and therefore requires some knowledge of statistical concepts such as continuous and categorical variables, hypothesis tests, p-values, odds ratio, relative risk and regression.

In the morning, the course will focus on the general use of SPSS focusing on the structure of SPSS, how to input and import data, and an overview of descriptive statistics with graphical plots like boxplot and scatterplot. In the afternoon, the course is two-part: continuous variables analysis with group t-test testing, non-parametric test and linear regression, and another with binary or categorical variables testing with OR and RR, Chi-square test and logistic regression.

Course Material

Part 1 - Descriptive Statistics

Part 2 - Continuous outcome variables

Part 3 - Binary outcome variables


[[Media:caerphilly_start.sav| Here] you can find the dataset used in the course.