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NCMM IT offers Virtual Machines IT services tailored to the needs of a scientific computing group, able to connect to both the UiO and internal network. The machines are allocated for exposing network services to the external world, accommodate via our internal network services that cannot be hosted on a standard server of the UiO production network, as well as for testing purposes on a permanent or limited duration basis. We currently have two dedicated servers for that purpose. 40 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz processor cores with 128 Gigs of RAM and 5.1 Tbytes of diskspace. 64 AMD EPYC 7601 processor cores with 256 Gigs of RAM and 7.2 Tb of diskspace.

VM services on these two servers are non GPU based at the moment. You can request a VM from us and discuss your requirements. If you wish your VM to connect to:

  • The public UiO network (machine based , we can only host the following Operating Systems, according to relevant University of Oslo IT Regulations:
    • Windows 10 (64 bit)
    • RedHat Enterprise Linux versions 7 and 8
    • Fedora 30/31
  • The internal NCMM data network, we can support a greater variety of Linux distributions as well as the Windows 10. Please note that WIndows 7 and Windows XP are no longer offered as a VM option due to security/legacy system support issues.

The following Virtual Machine services are currently dedicated for NCMM production purposes.

VM Name Operating System Host Server vCPUs RAM Local VM disk space Purpose and associated NCMM group Allocation
arxcontrol.internal.biotek Windows 7 2 2 Gb 44 Gbytes Administration (Carlos) permanent RHEL 6 2 2 Gb 400 Gbytes Administration (IT section, OCS) permanent RHEL 7 2 2 Gb 260 Gbytes Chemical Biology Platform (file server) permanent RHEL 7 4 16 Gb 240 Gbyte Chemical Biology Platform (Dotmatics + ORACLE RDBMS) permanent Fedora 30 4 8 Gb 140 Gbyte Mathelier Group - Unibind service permanent RHEL 7 24 128 Gb 6000 Gbytes Kuijjer Group (DFKZ data) permanent RHEL 7 48 100 Gb 1700 Gbyte Mathelier/Kuijjer Group - Jupyter notebook server and experiments mid term
management.internal.biotek CentOS 7 24 4 Gb 360 Gbytes Administration (IT, system audit services) mid term Fedora 31 4 8 Gb 200 Gbytes Mathelier Group web service development mid term RHEL 7 2 2 Gb 120 Gbytes Administration (recruitment and document sharing) permanent
ncmmwsus.internal.biotek Windows 2012 R2 server 4 8 Gb 200 Gbytes Administration (internal network domain) permanent RHEL 6 4 4 Gb 560 Gbytes Lamda Group MLST databases (external) mid term RHEL 8 2 2 Gb 120 Gbytes Chemical Biology JCHEM RDBMS server mid term RHEL 7 2 2 Gb 60 Gbytes Graphite internal server resource util. graphs permanent RHEL 7 2 8 Gb 60 Gbytes Luecke Group - CryoSPARC front end node mid term RHEL 6 4 4 Gb 440 Gbytes Cancer Proteomics Database (external) mid term RHEL 7 64 32 Gb 3096 Gbytes NCMM Docker test platform suspended RHEL 7 48 128 Gb 5640 Gbytes Waszak Computational Oncology Group scientific computing permanent