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'''IMPORTANT''' Read all of this before you start the process!
This page has moved to https://github.com/uio-cees/hpc/blob/master/misc/abel_access.md
*Fill out this form: [https://www.metacenter.no/user/application/form/notur/ https://www.metacenter.no/user/application/form/notur/]
**<div>Under resources, choose '''abel'''<br/></div>
**<div>Start date (yyyy-mm-dd): use today's date<br/></div>
**<div>End date (yyyy-mm-dd): when your project/contract ends (don't worry, we can extend access beyond that if needed)<br/></div>
**<div>Project: '''NN9244K'''</div>
**Project manager: '''Kjetill Jakobsen'''
*​Wait for a confirmation email
*Wait for another email after your application has been set up
*Follow instructions in the latter email
*Subscribe to the '''cees-hpc''' mailing list. We use this list to distribute information on the use of the CEES cod nodes.&nbsp;[https://sympa.uio.no/bio.uio.no/subscribe/cees-hpc Subscribe here].
*Optional - but highly recommended, subscribe to the&nbsp;'''cees-bioinf'''&nbsp;list, used for general information regarding bioinformatics at CEES. [https://sympa.uio.no/ibv.uio.no/subscribe/cees-bioinf Subscribe here].
*Study the wiki pages very carefully:&nbsp;[https://wiki.uio.no/mn/bio/cees-bioinf/index.php/Abel_use Abel use].

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This page has moved to https://github.com/uio-cees/hpc/blob/master/misc/abel_access.md