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== How-to's  ==
== How-to's  ==
[[Pacbio smrtpipe filtering|Pacbio smrtpipe filtering]]
[[PacBio smrtpipe commandline|PacBio smrtpipe command-line use]]  
[[PacBio_smrtpipe_commandline|PacBio smrtpipe command-line use]]
[[Submitting to ENA|Submitting sequences to ENA]]  
[[Submitting to ENA|Submitting sequences to ENA]]  

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This wiki is meant as a repository for bioinformatical knowledge at the CEES. It is mainly run by Lex, but others are also very welcome to contribute.

  • If you want to be able to edit the wiki, let us know and we'll add you to the list of contributors.
  • If you add a page, please list it below! Tips for adding a page.

Mailing lists

  • cees-hpc: to be used for general information related to the area under /projects/cees, the able CPUs and the cod-nodes.
  • cod-nodes: to be used to inform about the other cod-node users about CPUs and memory usage of the cod nodes, aka 'cod-node hugging' :-) USIT will also send emails to that list when discs on the nodes are full etc.
  • cees-bioinf: to be used for general information regarding bioinformatics at CEES

--> Register through sympa (all are @bio.uio.no addresses), or ask Lex

Use of the CEES hardware and Abel

User manual cod nodes

Abel use

Organising your computational work


PacBio smrtpipe command-line use

Submitting sequences to ENA

Quickly check the insert size distribution of a new sequencing library

Error correction of Illumina reads using merTrim from the Celera Assembler package

Assembly of Illumina paired end reads using Celera Assembler