20210318 3Dcell labnotes

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  • Washed new wafer with IP
  • dried with N_2
  • Plasma cleaner 30s
  • Was to eager to start, so I forgot heating the wafer to 150C for 10 min
  • Spun SU8 at 900 rpm -> 100 um thickness
  • pre-bake 15 min at 65C, 2h at 95C
  • UV-KUB: 22s 25%, distance 700
  • Taking the wafer out from the UV-KUB it stuck to the mask that stuck to the glass. Loosening it it fell down (1-2 cm) and broke in 2. One of the pieces broke in 2 again on the hot plate.
  • post bake 15 min at 65C, 40min at 95C