20210713 lithography

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We made new PDMS for a wafer, used 36g of PDMS and 3.6g of curing agent. It was still too much PDMS for an entire wafer, so use 30g of PDMS and 3g of curing agent next time.


We prepared 2 50um silicon wafers.

- Followed the procedure for 50um wafers. We spin coated the wafer at 1760 rpm. Pre-baked at 65 degrees C for 15 min and then at 95 degrees C for 120 min. We did not have a way to adjust the ramping of the temperature of the heating plate, so we just let the wafer sit on the plate until it heated to the necessary temperature. We chose Thomas' and Vildes designs for the first wafer. We exposed this wafer at 25 % intensity for 36 seconds. We chose Thomas' and Annikens designs for the second wafer. We exposed this wafer at 25 % for 18 seconds. Then we let them rest for 10 minutes. Post-baked at 65 degrees C for 15 minutes and then 95 degrees C for 40 minutes.


- We passaged once again. P-44

- Today we only replaced the growth medium, and did nothing else with the flask. There were very few cells in the flask, if any at all. :(