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GNU and intel compilers are both available on our servers. We have a very limited number of licenses for intel compilers so we suggest you to use GNU compilers for all your development.

There is a default GNU compiler but it may be a quite old version. If you wish to use a newer version:

module avail gcc

it returns the list of available versions.

module load gcc/4.9.0

It loads GNU compilers 4.9.0 (both Fortran, C and C++ compilers).

Intel compilers are available by default on our UIO servers but on abel, you would need to load it:

module load intel

Other Fortran materials

  • An interesting free tutorial at You can skip the installation of silverfrost compilers if you already have a Fortran compiler installed on your machine or if you are using

Fortran free compilers

For a more exhaustive list of free Fortran compilers, I suggest you check