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    • Starting or Restarting the FLEXnet License Manager for Unix/Linux/Mac OS X Installations**

use this explanation to restart the Matlab license server after a crash, or when Matlab cannot find the license server. See the `Matlab help on the license manager <>`_ for a full version of this text.

1. Navigate to $MATLAB/etc, where $MATLAB is your root MATLAB directory. E.g., /usr/local/matlab72/etc. For Mac OS X this will be /Applications/MATLAB72/etc by default.

2. Execute the following command at the command prompt:


Note: To specify a certain license.dat file, use the following command:

 lmstart -c <PATH TO LICENSE FILE>

For a complete list of lmstart options, use the -h flag.

In order to stop the license manager without restarting it, use the following command: lmdown Occasionally, if FLEXnet was taken down abruptly (as in a system crash), it may be necessary to take some additional steps to restart the license manager. If this is the case and both the lmstart and lmdown scripts fail to start FLEXnet, use the following steps:

1. Bring down the license manager using the $MATLABROOT/etc/lmdown command (where $MATLABROOT is the root MATLAB directory).

2. Run the command ps -ef | grep lm.

3. Using "kill -6", kill any processes titled lmgrd, mlm, or that begin with lm_TMW.

.. note:: If you are running other applications that require a license manager if you kill all lmgrd processes you may terminate other applications that might be running.

4. cd into the /var/tmp directory.

5. Remove any files that begin with lm_TMW.

6. Remove any files beginning with lockMLM, if they exist.

7. Restart the license manger using $MATLAB/etc/lmstart

For more information on starting the license manager automatically at boot time, see the related Solution below. </rst>