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NB : MicMac has it's own wiki

MicMac is a free open-source (Cecill-B licence) photogrammetric suite that can be used in a variety of 3D reconstruction scenarios. In aims mainly at professional or academic users but constant efforts are made to make it more accessible to the general public.

One of MicMac strengths is its high degree of versatility. It can indeed be used in various fields : cartography, environment, industry, forestry, heritage, archaeology,...

MicMac allows both the creation of 3D models and of ortho-imagery when appropriate.

The software is suitable to every type of objects of any scale : from small object or statues with acquisition from the ground, to church, castle through drone acquisitions, to buildings, cities or natural areas through aerial or satellite acquisitions. The tools also allow for the georeferencing of the end products in local/global/absolute coordinates system. Some complementary tools opens the fields of metrology and site surveying.

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