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We hope fellow programming/computational scientists in Oslo want to join us to talk about the coding aspect of our work. The goals are to get to know each other and to learn new tricks. We hope to attract a good mix of people, both from different branches of sciences and using different programming languages/computational platforms.

Code Coffee will take place every other week this spring, starting first week of February. If you are interested, please:

  1. Join our email list at
  2. Cross off the Doodle at

The proposed format is 30 minutes talk or tutorial followed by 30 minutes of general discussion, show and tell, etc.

Some initial ideas for topics are:

  •   Version control
  •   Shell scripting tricks
  •   Is GPU programming suitable for your problem?
  •   Introductory NumPy/Python/Cython
  •   iPython notebooks
  •   Solving PDEs with FEniCS
  •   Using the SAGE mathematical package
  •   How floating point numbers work
  •   Fauna of linear algebra libraries
  •   Calling C from Fortran
  •   Calling Python from IDL
  •   Overview of MKL/AMC
  •   [...]
  •   ...and anything YOU would like to contribute

The organizing comittee:

  Dag Sverre Seljebotn (PhD-student, Astrophysics/Cosmology)
  Phil Bull (Post doc, Astrophysics/Cosmology)
  Mikolaj Szydlarski (Post doc, Astrophysics/Solar physics)
  Kent-Andre Mardal (Associate Professor, Mathematics/Mechanics)