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MARS - Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System

contains the meteorological forecast/analysis/re-analysis EMCWF data in GRIB format.

ECMWF web sites (Main website) (Tool to handle jobs and files) (Software information, e.g. GRIB_API, Metview etc) (overview of MARS)

Logging in and account settings

Data types and format

File systems and data structure at ECMWF - where to store and get data!

Overview of file systems/domains and quotas on the various domains.

Retrieve small data sets from the web-MARS (online web-tool)

Browse the content of the MARS archive, create requests, check availability, retrieve small amounts of data.

Retrieve larger data sets from MARS on ECgate or HPCF

ECgate is the standard UNIX server, HPCF (High Performance Computing Facility) is the supercomputer.

File transfer via ftp

Retrieve ECMWF fields for FLEXPART

Retrieve high-resolution nested ECMWF fields for FLEXPART

Retrieve historical ECMWF fields (ERA40 and ERA-INTERIM) for FLEXPART

Some operational FLEXPART ECMWF fields are missing – how to get them!

How to read GRIB files!

Future major changes (2013)