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This wiki is meant to be a sharing tool and a knowledge base for modellers within the field of land surface modelling (LSM).

It is so far divided into the following main categories and subcategories. Most of the pages are empty, so feel free to add contents by clicking the links and pressing "edit". I recommend that you press "source" before writing, and use HTML markup.











Data :[https://wiki.uio.no/mn/geo/landsurfacemodelling/index.php/Category:Models



Running WRF]



IT ::[https://wiki.uio.no/mn/geo/landsurfacemodelling/index.php/Category:Software








R :[https://wiki.uio.no/mn/geo/landsurfacemodelling/index.php/Category:Links






Want to look up a meteorological term?

Check these resources: american meteorological society's wiki and [https://metlex.met.no/wiki/Hovedside Metlex] made by the Norwegian met office.

How to create a page

1) Write the title of the page in the search field and see if it already exists.

2) If not, click "Create the page <title> on this wiki!"

3) Before writing the content, add the relevant categories as a header or footer in the text. For instance, if you'd like to add your page under the subcategory Matlab (let's call it [https://wiki.uio.no/mn/geo/landsurfacemodelling/index.php/My_Matlab_scripts My Matlab scripts], add it to the subcategory Matlab:


For instance, if you'd like to make that page into a category, add the following two lines:

create a page called Category:My Matlab scripts, which only contains the text
If you'd like to make a category page, just search for Category:<category>, write something and click create.

4) Please look through the source code of some random pages (click "Random page" in the menu on the upper left) before writing anything. The source code appears when you press "edit" in the top menu of that page. Note that a list of contents is automatically made if the text contains enough headings.

5) Sometimes it is useful to collect several terms in one page. If you'd like to redirect the page "Potential evapotranspiration" to "Evapotranspiration", make the page Potential evapotranspiration and add the following line:

 #REDIRECT [[evapotranspiration]]

6) To insert a link, write it on the form:

 <square bracket>

[https://wiki.uio.no/mn/geo/landsurfacemodelling/index.php https://wiki.uio.no/mn/geo/landsurfacemodelling/index.php] link name that you want to appear in the text <square bracket>

7) To insert a file, click "Upload file" under Tools in the left panel. After uploading it, write the following on you page:

 [[File:<Image name> | thumb | caption]]

9) Before saving, click "Show preview" and do the necessary changes. (Each time, you have to click the 'source' button).

10) More about the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Wiki_markup wiki markup language here.]

How to edit a page

Go to a page that you want to edit, and press "Edit" in the upper right panel.

Which topics can be added?

Anything related to land surface modelling (see the categories above) that you think that fellow modellers might find useful. You may also use this wiki as a library of technical notes to yourself. (A wiki is searchable, which makes it perfect for collecting notes over many years.) For instance, whenever you learn a new trick that you'd like to keep, you may add it (especially if it is UiO-specific). You may also add a list of all papers/links that you have read about one topic.

However the wiki should not be used to describe methods that are well known. Instead, you may share a link that already describes that method. Sometimes, even UiO-specific problems are described in lenght, for instance here: termvakt.uio.no/