20 August 2014

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AFSecurity Seminar


Date: 20 August 2014.

Location: Meeting room Awk (room 3118), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IfI).


14:00h Welcome at IfI

14:15h Invited talk

SPEAKER: Lukas Rist, HoneyNor

TITLE: Deploying Honeypots to Deceive and Thwart Adversaries

ABSTRACT : The Honeynet Project is a non-profit security research organization, dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools to improve Internet security. In this talk we give an overview over the various types of honeypots available, the data they collect and what we learn from them. Finally we will have a closer look at the development, deployment and utilization of an ICS honeypot.

SPEAKER BIO: Lukas Rist is a software engineer with Blue Coat Norway where he develops behavioral malware analysis systems. In his spare time, he creates web application and ICS/SCADA honeypots and botnet monitoring tools under the umbrella of the Honeynet Project. He recently developed an interest in industrial security and automated SQL statement classification.

15:00h Discussion