17 September 2014

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AFSecurity Seminar


Date: 17 September 2014.

Location: Kristen Nygaards sal (room 5370), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IfI).


10:00h Welcome at IfI

10:15h Invited talk

SPEAKER: Dr. Bud Peter Bruegger (Fraunhofer Institute)

TITLE: The FutureID approach to interoperable, cross-border digital identity

ABSTRACT: The FutureID project builds a comprehensive, flexible, privacy-aware and ubiquitously usable identity management infrastructure for Europe, which integrates existing eID technology and trust infrastructures, emerging federated identity management services and modern credential technologies to provide a user-centric system for the trustworthy and accountable management of identity claims.

The FutureID infrastructure will provide great benefits to all stakeholders involved in the eID value chain. Users will benefit from the availability of a ubiquitously usable open source eID client that is capable of running on arbitrary desktop PCs, tablets and modern smart phones. FutureID will allow application and service providers to easily integrate their existing services with the FutureID infrastructure, providing them with the benefits from the strong security offered by eIDs without requiring them to make substantial investments. This will enable service providers to offer this technology to users as an alternative to username/password based systems, providing them with a choice for a more trustworthy, usable and innovative technology.

The benefits of the FutureID platform for both users and service providers are substantial. By implementing an intermediary for trusted e-ID services, cross-border e-ID applications become both economic and efficient by providing simple processes and a critical mass of reachable users.

For existing and emerging trust service providers and card issuers FutureID will provide an integrative framework, which eases using their authentication and signature related products across Europe and beyond. To demonstrate the applicability of the developed technologies and the feasibility of the overall approach FutureID will develop two pilot applications and is open for additional application services who want to use the innovative FutureID technology.


Dr. Bud Peter Bruegger is Senior Scientist at Fraunhofer IAO, Germany, and Technical Coordinator for the FutureID project.

Dr. Bruegger holds a Dipl.Ing. degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and a PhD from the University of Maine. His career spans work in five countries and three languages, both in research and as a consultant. He has a long-standing experience in identity management and IT security, including very active participation in the Italian eID Pilot program, pioneering eID interoperability in Europe, and consulting on identity management and security for several large projects. Bud is a long-standing member of the Porvoo Group and organizer of Porvoo 12, acted as European chair for the Global Collaboration Forum on eIDs, and represented the Italian Ministry of the Interior in the Government Security Program with Microsoft. Currently, Bud holds the position of Senior Scientist in the Identity Management group at Fraunhofer IAO where he was lead author of the architecture of the EC-funded FutureID project. Bud is the author of a large number of publications and presentations and has been an invited expert and speaker for several EC events on identity.

11:00h Discussion