21 February 2019

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AFSecurity Seminar

Cyber Security in High School

DATE:  21 February 2019

PLACE:  Seminar Room Prolog (Room 2465), IFI - OJD House .

15:00h Welcom at IFI

15:15h Invited Talks:

  • TITLE:  Cyber Security in High School: The US GenCyber Program and the Norwegian CyberSmart Pilot for Cyber Security Education in High School.

    SPEAKERS:  Kimberly Adams and Donna Farrior (GenCyber USA), Bodil Grødem and Janne Hagen (CyberSmart Norway)  

    ABSTRACT: This AFSecurity Seminar presents the US GenCyber and the Norwegian CyberSmart Programs for cyber-security education in high school.

    The US GenCyber Program is an NSA-funded one-week intensive summer program for a cohort of 30 teachers in high school, followed by a sustained collaboration which takes place via an online community and resource repository for use during the following academic year and beyond. The GenCyber program at the University of Tulsa focuses on preparing teachers in high school to help their students understand correct and safe on-line behavior, to increase diversity and interest in cyber security, and to increase awareness about careers in the cyber-security workforce in USA.

    The Norwegian CyberSmart Pilot Program is a collaboration between NSM, NVE, UIO, NTNU, NorSis and Godalen vgs, Rogaland Fylkeskommune. The CyberSmart pilot project, which has been operating since 2018 with funding from NVE, gives knowledge and skills to teachers in high school in Norway, so that they can integrate cybersecurity in their classes in high school. The CyberSmart pilot project aims to fulfill one of the major goals of the Norwegian Government's National Strategy for Digital Security published on 30.01.2019, namely to make cyber security a component of general education in Norway.

16:00h Discussion

- Kimbery Adams is a Senior Instructor of Mathematics at the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics, University of Tulsa.
- Donna Farrior is a Visiting Associate Professor of Mathematics at the College of Engineering & Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics University of Tulsa.
- Bodil Ellen Grødem is Project Manager for CyberSmart Norway.
- Janne Hagen is Chief Engineer for Cyber Security at NVE.

AFSecurity is organised by the UiO Research Group for Information & Cyber Security. Sec-uio-light-1000.png