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AFSecurity Seminar

TSD: UiO's Service for Sensitive Data

DATE:  Thursday 22 November 2018

LOCATION:  Kristan Nygaards Hall (Room 5370), IFI - OJD House.


15:00h Welcome at IFI

15:15h Invited Talk:

  • TITLE:  TSD: UiO's Services for Sensitive Data - From an IT-Security Perspective.
    SPEAKER:  Gard Thomassen 
    This talk describes how TSD at UiO fills the eInfrastructure needs of researchers who are collecting, generating, analysing, sharing and storing (often large amounts of) sensitive data. Since 2012 USIT (UiO's IT Department ) along with UiO researchers have invested considerable time, money and effort to build and improve TSD to provide services that are useful, secure and flexible. TSD (Tjeneste for Sensitive Data) translates into “Services for Sensitive Data”.

    TSD currently hosts >2 PiB of data from >530 research projects with > 2500 researchers. TSD also hosts a small HPC cluster and a means of collecting data through online questionnaires or from smart-phone apps. This talk will explain how USIT handles the fast and continuing development of the TSD research eInfrastructure in a sustainable way with focus on delivering flexible services for research and clinical analysis while still complying with very strict security regulations.

    Further, a few of the most significant features and smartphone applications connected to TSD will be discussed and demonstrated, and finally a glimpse into the future of TSD will be given.

16:00h Discussion

Dr. Gard Thomassen is the head of TSD at UiO.

AFSecurity is organised by the University of Oslo SecurityLab Logo-UiO-SecurityLab-colour.jpg