29 April 2020

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AFSecurity Seminar

Privacy for Mobile Apps

TIME:  29 April 2020, 14:00h
Place:  Virtual seminar room: https://uio.zoom.us/j/2044525664,


14:00h Welcome to AFSecurity's virtual seminar room
14:05h Invited talk:

  • TITLE:  Privacy for mobile apps: Technical, regulatory and human challenges
    SPEAKER:  Nurul Momen  (Karlstad University)
    ABSTRACT: What is the most intimate device that you possess? If the answer is your mobile phone, you'd probably be interested in finding out how apps behave. In one end, we have a powerful device capable of collecting, monitoring, processing, transmitting data and in other end, this device is connected to hundreds of services through apps. Undeniably, users are being subjected to privacy exploitation due to the obvious reason - surveillance capitalism. We intend to turn the table around by simply asking - how do the apps behave?

14:45h Discussion

BIO:   Nurul Momen is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Karlstad University, Sweden. His research interests focus on privacy-enhancing technologies, transparency, usability, mobile communications, and data protection, particularly the security and privacy aspects of access-control models for mobile operating systems. Momen received an M.S. in security and an M.S. in privacy from the double-degree program at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, and the University of Trento, Italy. Contact him at nurul.momen@kau.se.

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