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Date: 18 February 2011,

Location IfI-2.


13:00h Welcome at IfI-2, Room "C"

13:15h Invited talk

TITLE: Model-Driven Risk Analysis – The CORAS Approach

ABSTRACT: CORAS is an approach to model-driven risk analysis that consists of three tightly integrated parts, namely the CORAS method, the CORAS language and the CORAS tool. The approach is based on established international standards and comes with practical guidelines and well-founded techniques for how to conduct risk analyses in practice. The various risk analysis tasks are supported by the CORAS language that provides customized techniques for risk identification, risk modeling and risk documentation. The CORAS tool provides computerized support throughout the whole risk analysis process. This talk will give an introduction to CORAS and exemplify its use in security risk analysis.

SPEAKER: Bjørnar Solhaug, SINTEF ICT.

Bio: Bjørnar Solhaug is a research scientist at the department of Networked Systems and Services at SINTEF ICT. He received his PhD in Information Science from the University of Bergen in 2009. His research interests are within security, risk and trust, as well as formal modeling and specification. Together with Mass Soldal Lund and Ketil Stølen, he recently published at Springer the book “Model-Driven Risk Analysis – The CORAS Approach”.

14:00h Discussion

14:30h End