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AFSecurity Seminars in 2008

  • March-2008: 1) NFC Security, Øivind Kure (UNIK) and 2) Elliptic Curve Digital Signatures, Hege Reithe Frium (UiO)
  • April-2008: 1) New trends for SIM cards, Judith Rossebø (Telenor), and 2) Privacy Requirements, Åsmund Skomedal (NR)
  • May-2008: 1) Polymorphic Virus Analysis, Egil Aspevik (UiO); and 2) SCIP, Terje Jensen (NSM)
  • June-2008: PKI and Validation Authorities; State of the Art. Jon Ølnes (DNV) and Lars Olaussen (NSM)
  • August-2008: Identity Management. Rune Hagen (BSK) and Audun Jøsang (UiO)
  • September-2008: Advanced User Authentication. Petter Taugbøl (Encap) and Mads Henriksveen (Buypass)
  • October-2008: Trends in Malware. Snorre Fagerland (Norman) and Kris-Mikael Krister (NTNU/NSM)
  • November-2008: Privacy in new technological environments. Janne Lindqvist (HUT/TKK) and Gyorgy Kalman (UNIK)
  • December-2008: Identity Federation - Trends and Technologies. Steinar Skagemo (DIFI) and Jonathan Scudder (Sun/UNIK/UiO)