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AFSecurity Seminars in 2010

  • November-2010: RBAC and Financial Risk, Espen Opheim (Avanade)
  • October-2010: 1) Certificate Validation, Anders Fongen (FFI/NITH), and 2) Online Micropayments, Josef Noll (UiO/Movation/CWIN/UNIK).
  • September-2010: Breaking the Unbreakable Quantum Key Distribution. Lars Lydersen (NTNU/UNIK).
  • August-2010: Physical Layer Security over Wireless Channels. Xiangyun (Sean) Zhou (UiO/UNIK)
  • June-2010: e-Voting: National Efforts Kristian Gjøsteen (NTNU).
  • May-2010: Passwords and Problems Per Øyvind Hervik Thorsheim (EDB Business Partner)
  • April-2010: Cryptography Smile Markovski (Multivariate Trapdoor Functions) and Cryptographers' Panel.
  • March-2010: Intrusion Prevention and Detection, Knut Bjørnstad (ErgoGroup)
  • February-2010: Crypto Puzzles, Leif Nilsen (Thales)
  • January-2010: Wireless Security, Mark Looi (QUT), Moshfiq Chowdhury (UNIK)