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15:00h Discussion
15:00h Discussion
'''SPEAKER:''' *Raúl Pardo Jiménez (Chalmers)  
'''SPEAKER:''' Raúl Pardo Jiménez (Chalmers)  

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Privacy in Social Networks

DATE: Friday 10 June 2016. 14:00h

LOCATION:  Kristen Nygaard's sal (room 5370), Ole Johan Dahl's House.


14:00h Welcome at IFI

14:15h Talk: Formalising Privacy Settings in Online Social Networks

15:00h Discussion

SPEAKER: Raúl Pardo Jiménez (Chalmers)

ABSTRACT: Online Social Networks (OSNs) have changed the way people communicate, bringing many benefits but also the possibility of new threats. Privacy is one of them. Nearly 70% of internet users are active in OSNs. On the other hand, privacy breaches are keeping pace with this growth and users' requirements are much higher than the privacy guarantees offered by OSNs. In this talk, I present the current privacy protection mechanism used in OSNs, the so called Relationship-based Access Control (ReBAC), and pinpoint some of its weaknesses. Furthermore, I describe the directions that are being considered to improve privacy protection in OSNs. In particular, I focus on a formal privacy policy framework (PPF), which uses knowledge-based logic to express complex privacy policies and how these policies fix some of the problems in ReBAC. Finally, I will show a prototype implementation of some PPF policies (which are currently not offered in any commercial OSN, such as Facebook or Twitter) in the open source OSN Diaspora*.

SPEAKER BIO: Raúl Pardo Jiménez is a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. His research is focused on enforcing privacy properties in big data systems, in particular social networks, by using formal methods. He works under the supervision of Gerardo Schneider and Dave Sands at Chalmers University.