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| [[File:AFSecurity-20180621.jpg|400px]]
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| [[File:AFSecurity-20180621.jpg|400px]]

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The New Norwegian Passport and Id-Card

DATE:  26 October 2018

LOCATION:  Kristan Nygaards Hall (Room 5370), IFI - OJD House.


14:00h Welcome at IFI

14:15h Invited Talk:

  • TITLE:  The new Norwegian passport and ID-card: What, why, when and how
    SPEAKER:  Tage Stabell-Kulø 
    Based on the information made available to the public through different channels, many advanced security features in the new Norwegian passport and ID-card can be identified by a skilled interpreter. Based on images which have been made public this talk discusses some of the security features of the new passport and id-card.
[[1]] AFSecurity-20180621.jpg

15:00h Discussion


AFSecurity is organised by the University of Oslo SecurityLab Logo-UiO-SecurityLab-colour.jpg