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Security Trends: 1) Factorization, 2) AI/ML in Cyber Security

DATE:  5 March 2019

PLACE:  Kristan Nygaards Hall (Room 5370), IFI, UiO - OJD House .

15:00h Welcom at UiO

15:15h Invited Talks:

  • TALK 1:  Integer factorization -- yesterday, today, tomorrow?
    SPEAKER: François Morain (École polytechnique, Paris)  
    ABSTRACT: Factoring integers was a sport even before computers. With the advent of asymmetric cryptology and the famous RSA cryptosystem, it has become an important issue with dramatic potential fallouts. This talk gives a brief survey of this problem, including a glimpse of current practical methods and comment on the real power of Shor's quantum factoring algorithm.
  • TALK 2:  Cyber Security and AI/ML
    SPEAKER:  Harri Pietilä (Ericsson, Helsinki)
    ABSTRACT:This talk give an overview of challenges for applying AI/ML for cyber security, as well as cyber security challenges caused by AI/ML.

16:30h Discussion


  • François Morain is a computer science professor at École Polytechnique in Paris were he has taught and conducted research in cryptology for more than 20 years. His background is in algorithmic number theory applied to cryptology, with a particular focus on elliptic curves, primality proving and integer factoring.
  • Harri Pietilä is chief security architect with Ericsson, Finland.
AFSecurity is organised by the UiO Research Group on Information & Cyber Security Sec-uio-light-1000.png