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Secure October - Security R&D @ UiO and Partners

DATE:  9 October 2015

LOCATION: Kristen Nygaards sal (room 5370), Ole Johan Dahl's House.


10:30h Welcome at IFI

This AFSecurity seminar presents some of the security research projects undertaken by UiO and partner organisations. Come to OJD House to learn about these activities and to meet the people involved.

10:45h Secure October - Security Research and Development @ UiO & Partners

  • OffPAD (Leonard Dallot, TazTag France)
  • IoTSec (Josef Noll, UNIK and Habtamu Abie, NR)
  • TazTag Security Solutions (Laurent Miralabé, TazTag, France)
  • Oslo Analytics (Audun Jøsang, IFI)
  • Holistic Cybersecurity (Audun Jøsang, IFI)

12:00h Lunch / Networking