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Computational Trust

DATE:  Monday 13 November 2017

LOCATION:  Kristen Nygaards sal (room 5370), Ole Johan Dahl's House.


14:00h Welcome at IFI

14:15h Talk: Computational Trust: Principles for Mathematical Trust Representation and Analysis

15:00h Discussion

SPEAKER: Mirko Tagliaferri ( University of Urbino, Italy)

ABSTRACT: There is a rich literature on formal notions of trust. Each formalism often focuses on specific features of trust (e.g. the way trust is transmitted between agents) to obtain formal notions that can be applied in a computational framework. What is lacking, however, is a cohesive and comprehensive study of the notion of computational trust, one that singles out all the main features a computational notion of trust ought to possess. In this talk I will give a broad review of the current literature on computational trust, highlighting common features that the different notions of trust possess in those different formalism. The aim of the talk is to identify and make explicit all the features that are believed to be fundamental for a computational notion of trust. This should provide a starting base for a cohesive future research on trust in computational frameworks.


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