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Research Collaboration with the U.S. Army

DATE: 7 April 2017

LOCATION:  Kristen Nygaards sal (room 5370), Ole Johan Dahl's House.


12:00h Welcome at IFI

12:15h Talk: Basic Research Collaboration Opportunities with the U.S. Army

13:00h Discussion

SPEAKER: Amanda B. Napier, UiO

ABSTRACT: The U.S. Army supports innovative Basic and Applied Research (B&AR) and scientific discovery through international engagement and collaboration with the world's best scientists. Several collaborative research opportunities exist, including: research grants to academic institutions, grants to support academic and scientific forums, and grants to fund foreign expert travel for collaboration with Army Labs & Centers. An overview of these collaboration and funding opportunities and technical areas of interest will be provided..

SPEAKER BIO: Amanda Napier is a Science Advisor in the domain of Aviation and Missile at the U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command, stationed at the International Technology Center – Southern Europe and at the Embassy of the United States – Paris, France.