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The Bitcoin Controversy

DATE:  31 August 2017

LOCATION:  Kristen Nygaards sal (room 5370), Ole Johan Dahl's House.


14:00h Welcome at IFI

14:15h Talk: The Bitcoin Controversy.

15:00h Discussion

SPEAKER: Vincent Olislagers (Mikrobankl)

ABSTRACT: This talk will cover the history of bitcoin, and touch on some of the more controversial past and current developments in the cryptocurrency space. It will focus on some of the philosophical differences between the various groups in the community, and will discuss some of the areas of disagreement and their resulting compromises and ultimatums.

SPEAKER BIO: Vincent Olislagers is an interaction designer and cryptocurrency enthusiast, and cofounder of, a company that operates bitcoin & litecoin vending machines. Vincent got first interested in cryptocurrency as he discovered the interplay between technology, economics & politics that is at the heart of the bitcoin phenomenon.

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