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National Science Foundation - Discovery and Innovation

DATE:  17 April 2018

LOCATION:  Kristen Nygaard's Hall (Room 5370), IFI - OJD House.


14:00h Welcome at IFI

14:10h Invited Talk:

  • TITLE: How the U.S. National Science Foundation Supports Discovery and Innovation, 

SPEAKER: Mangala Sharma

15:00h Discussion

SPEAKER BIO Dr. Mangala Sharma is an astronomer and program director in the Office of International Science and Engineering at the U.S. National Science Foundation. She manages and strengthens international collaborative opportunities for U.S. researchers and students with India, Nordic and African countries. During 2014-16, she represented NSF at the International Telecommunication Union to ensure availability of radio ("wireless") spectrum for scientific purposes. Dr. Sharma previously worked at the U. S. Department of State, advancing international cooperation on space exploration, space weather, and asteroid impact hazards. She taught undergraduate physics and astronomy at the Pennsylvania State University and Ohio University, and coordinated NASA’s astrophysics education and outreach while at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Dr. Sharma did her Ph.D. work at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics and postdoctoral work at Ohio University, using optical and X-ray telescopes to study the interactions of galaxies in clusters and the million-degree hot plasma that surrounds them. Collaborating with artists and educators, she helped create astronomy-themed multimedia exhibits and educational videos.

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