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Cyberthreat Intelligence

DATE:  26 April 2019

PLACE:  Kristan Nygaards Hall (Room 5370), IFI, UiO - OJD House .

14:00h Welcom at UiO

14:15h Invited Talks:

  • TALK:  Cyberthreat Intelligence for the Private Sector
    SPEAKER: Espen Agnalt Johansen (Visma)  
    ABSTRACT: This talk presents experiences from using various CTI (CyberThreat Intelligence) tools and methods for prediction, prevention and attribution of attacks in private-sector networks. I will share information from recent incidents that led to the attribution to known perpetrators, and from events where CTI methodologies have prevented malicious activities. I may also voice some opinions about cooperation between the private and government sectors in this field.

15:00h Discussion

Espen is the Ops&Sec Mngr. + Board Member in Visma Software Internation, and leads the AppSec work for large parts of the Visma group. His background is both from Military Service in Norway and several positions in Norwegian and International Security Industry. See the full Bio of Espen Agnalt Johansen

AFSecurity is organised by the UiO Research Group on Information & Cyber Security Sec-uio-light-1000.png