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Building Cyber Defense Training Capacity

TIME:  Friday 17 June 2022, 14:00h
PLACE:  Kristan Nygaards Hall (Room 5370), 5th floor, IFI, UiO, Ole Johan Dahls hus, Gaustadalleen 23b, Oslo. See map.

Coffee and snaks served.

14:00h Welcome at IFI and AFSecurity
14:15 Invited talk

  • TITLE: Building Cyber Defense Training Capacity  
  • SPEAKER: Erik Moore, Regis University, USA
    This presentation covers methods and modeling for building society’s capacity to defend digital infrastructure and the systems that rely on it. The modeling is based on a decade of work in the USA that include training state National Guard cyber defense teams focused on protecting infrastructure, hosting cyber defense competitions like the Rocky Mountain Region Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, designing course-specific cybersecurity laboratory space, establishing government relationships, and creating cyber range space for hosting related events at Regis University. Topics covered include related technology deployments, program evaluation, psychometric decision support tools, team dynamics, inter-organizational structures, and the surrounding ecosystem of resources.

BIO:   Erik Moore was a founding co-director of Regis University’s Colorado Front Range Center for Information Assurance Studies in 2007 where he has guided research projects and taught cybersecurity & technology courses. He holds a Ph.D. in cybersecurity from the University of Plymouth, UK. His work with National Guard cyber defense teams and the National Guard Bureau informs his work in this area. He is also the Editor-in-chief of the Journal of The Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education and Chair of IFIP Working Group 11.8, known for hosting the World Information Security Education conference.

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