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15:00h Discussion
15:00h Discussion
'''SPEAKER:''' Dr. Bud Peter Bruegger (Fraunhofer Institute)
'''SPEAKER:''' Roy Stranden (Schibsted)
'''TITLE:''' ''How to make risk assessment meaningful for organisations.''
'''TITLE:''' ''How to make risk assessment meaningful for organisations.''

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Meaningful Risk Assessment

Date: 29 October 2014.

Location: Meeting room Awk (room 3118), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IFI).


14:00h Welcome at IfI

14:15h Invited talk

15:00h Discussion

SPEAKER: Roy Stranden (Schibsted)

TITLE: How to make risk assessment meaningful for organisations.

ABSTRACT: Risk is a relatively vague concept with many facets, and can be difficult to interpret. When organisations spend considerable time and money for the purpose of managing risk it is important that this effort results in meanigful results. This talk discusses the meaning of risk and its components, and how organisations can get the most benefit out of risk assessment exercises.


Roy Stranden has worked within security for more than 25 years, and has experience from the Nationa Police Security Service, the National Intelligence Service as well as from the consulting company Ernst & Young. Roy Stranden is currently the security manager for the media company Schibsted. Roy has an MSc in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, a Postgraduate Diploma in Security Management, a Certificate in Applied Intelligence and is currently studying for a Certificate in Terrorism Studies. Roy is also a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM). Roy Stranden cheared the working group that developed the recent national standards prNS 5831 Risk Management and prNS 5832 Risk Analysis.