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Toll Road Security and Privacy

DATE: 17 February 2016. 13:00h

LOCATION: Escape (Basement), Ole Johan Dahl's House.


13:00h Welcome to Escape

13:15h Panel Discussion on Digital Currencies

Organized in collaboration with Cybernetics Club ( in Escape from 13:00 to 15:00

(Entrance into Escape student cafe is either from inside the Ole-Johan Dahl building (the Informatics building near Forskningsparken) or from outside, near the small lake).

Panel participants:

Thomas Gramstad covers the Social and Political aspects (is President of Electronic Frontier Norway among other things)

Tobias Brox covers Technical aspects (is programmer and developer, at RetPill, among other)

Manuel Lains covers Economic and Business aspects (is into Bitshares and has startup , among other)

Audun Jøsang covers all aspects as a Devil's Advocate (is Professor of security at UiO )

Stefan Krauss proposes a New Currency for Science (is Professor at Oslo University Hospital, and passionate for Science )

Christian Johansen Moderator and Technical aspects (is researcher at IFI )