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Toll Road Security and Privacy

DATE: 17 February 2016. 13:00h

LOCATION: Escape (Basement), Ole Johan Dahl's House.


13:00h Welcome to Escape

13:15h Panel Discussion on Digital Currencies

Organized in collaboration with Cybernetics Club ( in Escape from 13:00 to 15:00

(Entrance into Escape student cafe is either from inside the Ole-Johan Dahl building (the Informatics building near Forskningsparken) or from outside, near the small lake).

Panel participants:

  • Thomas Gramstad: covers the Social and Political aspects

(is President of Electronic Frontier Norway among other things)

  • Tobias Brox: covers Technical aspects

(is programmer and developer, at RetPill, among other)

  • Manuel Lains: covers Economic and Business aspects

(is into Bitshares and has startup , among other)

  • Audun Jøsang: covers all aspects as a Devil's Advocate

(is Professor of security at UiO )

  • Stefan Krauss: proposes a New Currency for Science

(is Professor at Oslo University Hospital, and passionate for Science )

  • Christian Johansen: Moderator and Technical aspects

(is researcher at IFI )