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Presentation slides: [[Media:AFSec200904-Kalman-UNIK.pdf]]
Presentation slides: [[Media:AFSec200904-Kalman-UNIK.pdf]]
--> SPEAKER: Gyorgy Kalman, UNIK
'''SPEAKER:''' Gyorgy Kalman, UNIK
-> 1410 Discussion  
14:10h Discussion  
-> 1440 Topics for next meetings/Meeting plans
-> 1455 Summary, Action Items
14:40h End of meting
-> 1500 End of meting

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AFSecurity Seminar: Mobile Services Security

Date: 16 April 2009

Location: UNIK, Kjeller

12:30h Welcome

12:40h Talk

TITLE: TLS\SSL Vulnerabilities in Java micro edition

ABSTRACT: This talk will focus on:

  • Ensuring that Sun's SSL Reference Implementation vulnerability is not present on the mobile platform
  • Ensuring uniform user experience compensating for differences in mobile platform HTTPS certificate handling
  • Ensuring weak HTTPS algorithms and ciphers are not used
  • Ensuring WAP/1.1 WTLS is not used
  • Ensuring that a mobile platform found vulnerable can be blocked from use

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec200904-Riiber-Encap.pdf

SPEAKER: Arne Riiber, EnCap

13:10h Discussion

13:40h Talk

TITLE: Access Control for Mobile Services

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec200904-Kalman-UNIK.pdf

SPEAKER: Gyorgy Kalman, UNIK

14:10h Discussion

14:40h End of meting