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AFSecurity Seminar: Identity Management

Date: 12 August 2008

Location: UNIK, Kjeller


12:30h Welcome

12:40h Talk

TITLE: BankID - Myths and Truths

ABSTRACT: This talk will give background information about the BankID co-operation, established by Norwegian banks. It will give the rationale for some of the design decisions made in early stages of the co-operation and take a look at parts of the threat situation. It will take a look at some of the criticism encountered and how these have influenced development of BankID. Finally it will outline some future challenges for BankID.

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec200808-Hagen-BSK.pdf

SPEAKER: Rune Hagen, BSK (Bankenes Standardiseringskontor)

13:10h Discussion

13:40h Talk

TITLE: Research Challenges in Identity Management

ABSTRACT: Traditional identity management models typically result in identity overload and password fatigue. To reduce this problem, the industry has proposed various online SSO (Single Sign-On) solutions. However, most solutions have in common some form of centralised control over indenties. More user centric solutions give more control to the users, but also require users to take active responsibility over their identities. This presentation gives an overview of identity management initiatives in the Internet and mobile industry, and discusses open problems.

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec200808-Josang-UiO.pdf

SPEAKER: Audun Jøsang

14:10h Discussion

14:30h End of meting