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AFSecurity Seminar: Identity Management in Large Organisations

Date: 22 January 2009

Location: UNIK, Kjeller


12:30h Welcome

12:40h Talk

TITLE: Feide: National Identity Management for the Education Sector

ABSTRACT: Feide is a system for identity management within the national education sector. This talk presents the concepts and technologies used in Feide, as well as the possibilities and advantages that Feide offers.

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec200901-Lund-Uninett.pdf

SPEAKER: Anders Lund, Uninett

13:10h Discussion

13:40h Talk

TITLE: Universal applications of mobile identities

ABSTRACT: Mobile networks provide strong identities to their subscribers. This represents a basis for universal identities that can be applied in many different sectors. This talk explains how the mobile world, represented by the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) sees user identities and how these identities might be used for role-based service access in large organisations.

Presentation slides: Media:200901MobileIdentities.pdf

SPEAKER: Josef Noll, UiO/UNIK/Movation

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