January 2013

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AFSecurity Seminar:

Authentication and Access Control for eHealth

Date: 30 January 2013.

Location: Meeting Room Awk (room 3118), Ole-Johan Dahls hus (IfI).


15:00h Welcome at IfI

15:15h Invited talk

TITLE: The NHN Token Service: Demonstration of Use and Opportunities for Centralized Authentication and Access Control in NHN (Norsk Helsenett)

Presentation slides: Media:AFSec20130130-Holmes-FHI.pdf

ABSTRACT: At HelsIT 2011, FHI (Folkehelseinsituttet) gave a presentation concerning claims-based ID management and tilgang-på-tvers which focused on the status of the joint proof-of-concept (PoC) effort with NHN, and gave a description of the challenges which had been identified. This joint work has now prepared the basis for concrete utilization of NHN’s Token Service (NTS), a service which can supply service providers with trusted attributes about authenticated users -- attributes which can be used to represent authorization policies in access control contexts. NTS can also provide support within authentication contexts, if such a need exists. FHI hopes to use NTS to represent authorization policies in support of making access control decisions within SYSVAK Web, as well as other in applications in the future. SYSVAK Web is a new application which will give health service providers lacking EPJ systems the ability to register vaccination data (and eventually search for patients’ vaccination status) within the national vaccination register (SYSVAK).

This presentation will focus on

  • how NTS could be used by SYSVAK Web (from a logical perspective) and
  • the ways in which NTS could be used as an enabling service within authentication and access control contexts.

SPEAKER: Peter Holmes, FHI (The Norwegian Institute of Public Health)

BIO: Peter Holmes is a project leader within the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s IT og eHelse department. He works with FHI's enterprise architecture, with special focus on the development of reusable designs for FHI's health registers, including models for data access and exchange.

He has been technical project leader for re-implementation of the MSIS and SYSVAK health registers, as well as for the Mine vaksiner (“My vaccines”) service now available through Norway’s national health portal. He is currently technical project leader for the effort to re-implement Norway’s Cause-of-Death health register (Dødsårsaksregister).”

16:00h Discussion

16:30h End