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AFSecurity Seminar Location

Ole-Johan Dahl's House)


Department of Informatics (IfI), OJD House (Ole-Johan Dahls Hus), Gaustadalléen 23b, 0371 Oslo. See map for Ole-Johan Dahl's House.


The room is normally Kristen Nygaards hall (room 5370), 5th floor, lift D. However, the room may change, check the page for each talk to find the room.


From central Oslo to OJD House you can go by T-train, line 4 or 5 westbound, and then get off at Forskningsparken station. From central Oslo you can also ride the tramway lines 17 or 18 to Forskningsparken.

OJD House is adjacent to Forskningsparken T-train station and tramway stop. The North-end entrance is through the doors in the passage through the building, where the door on the north side gives access to lift hall D.