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== AF''Security'' Seminar Series 2011==
== AF''Security'' Seminar Series 2011==
===Next Seminar===
===Next Seminar===
*[[28.01.2011 -> AFSec201101]], ''VoIP fraud methods used on the Internet today.
*[[28.01.2011 -> AFSec201101]], ''VoIP fraud methods used on the Internet today'', Sjur Eivind Usken (Honeynor/Phonect)
'', Sjur Eivind Usken (Honeynor/Phonect)
===Past Seminars===
===Past Seminars===

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Academic Forum on Security is a meeting place for presenting and discussing current issues and research questions related to information security. Constant technology innovation and the changing threat environment make information security an ongoing process that always requires new solutions. The AFSecurity seminar series is a response to this challenge and provides a forum for security innovation and exchange of ideas in the academic security community in the Oslo area. Speakers are academics and representatives from industry and government who are active in the research and development of IT and security solutions through national and international organisations. Presentation slides from the seminars are provided online on these Wiki pages.

AFSecurity Seminar Series 2011

Next Seminar

  • [[28.01.2011 -> AFSec201101]], VoIP fraud methods used on the Internet today, Sjur Eivind Usken (Honeynor/Phonect)

Past Seminars

  • [[2010 Seminars -> AFSec2010]]
  • [[2009 Seminars -> AFSec2009]]
  • [[2008 Seminars -> AFSec2008]]